George Freeman Dave Liebman

Chuck Tripp and Scott Frillman

Glenn Scheutz Guido Sinclair

Herb Ellis Herb Ellis

Jeff Stitely Jeff Stitely

Jelly Hines Joel Spencer

John Campbell John Campbell

Mark Dziuba

Marlene Rosenberg

Mike Kocour Madcat Ruth

Rafael Bradford Ron Dewar

Russell Cheatham

Ryan Shultz, Jeff Helgesen, Karel Lidral

Joel Spencer Quartet

Nature's Table Coffee House and Restaurant

Nature's Table was a whole food restaurant and live music venue in Urbana, Illinois from 1979 until May, 1991.

Click here for a PDF of the cookbook, suitable for printing. (~2.9MB)

The Recipes

Scans from the cookbook. Check back and someday we'll have plain text versions for accessibility purposes.

Thanks to Sean Kutzko for providing scans from the original cookbook.